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PC-01: JC New Zealand Classic Mud

JC New Zealand Classic Mud: That cleanses skin and helps remove pore-clogging impurities and dead skin cells. This product leaves your skin feeling smooth, soft and fresh from this deep cleansing process. Muds have been used for centuries...

52.00  USD   (Free shipping)


PC-02: JC new zealand Lanolin & Collagen Cream

JC new zealand Lanolin & Collagen Cream: This unique combination of protein rich collagen, healing vitamin E, soothing aloe vera gel and moisturising lanolin helps rejuvenate and nourish the skin. This product leaves skin feeling supple and smooth...

52.00  USD   (Free shipping)


PC-03: JC new zealand Placenta Cream

JC new zealand Placenta Cream : A delicate blend of New Zealand’s finest Placenta Extract, vitamin E and lanolin. This product helps to combat wrinkles and rejuvenate skin cells and may be used day and night. Placenta Extract is known for providing...

52.00  USD   (Free shipping)


LS-00: Set of 8 Organic soap shower gel

Make your desired choices / favors for our special promotion set of 8 bottles Available flavor: Turmeric , Tamarind , Aloe Vera , Papaya , Orange , Ginger & menthol and Cumumber

53.70  USD   (Buy 6 bottles free 2 Bottles can select favors as you desired)


LS-01: Tamarind Shower Gel 390 Ml.

Tamarind Shower Gel 390 Ml. With AHA to renew your skin to be naturally bright. Lighten dark spots, remove excess oil, anti-wrinkle and give elasticity to your skin.

8.95  USD   (Buy 1 set free 1 Bottle (1 Set @ 3 Bottles) can select favors)